Monday, August 1, 2011

the backpack and the essentials

The backpack. If you're under the impression you won't need one, you're sadly mistaken. If you insist on being one of those girls with the big purse, trying to look cool going to class, you'll just look ridiculous. Sorry, true. The backpack is a necessary evil. Get one from a army surplus or sporting goods
store that is hardy and will hold up for 4 years of heavy books etc. and it'll be worth it. Okay, now what this post is really about. I took the time last night to clean out my main backpack from last semester/summer class and discovered a treasure trove of stuff in the many pockets. So, I'm going to share my list of backpack essentials,
sortof an 'on the go' emergency kit if you will.

oil mattifier or blotting papers
mineral powder or foundation of choice
hand sanitizer
hair ties and clips
feminine items
extra keys (room,bikelock,etc)
pepper spray
snack ( something hardy that will keep for a while in your bag)
campus map/ bus schedule
water bottle
pain killers
batteries (calculator, extra phone battery)

These things may seem obvious, but getting your bag together at the beginning of the year will save you from having to learn from experience... lol. I'll add the the list as I think of things.