Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Sometimes it's nice to get completely unbiased truth. I have an anxiety disorder and a lot of the time it manifests in daily life as indecision, making it hard for me to be confident in choices. Im basically always seconds guessing and analyzing everything, far past a "normal" level. When I need truth about my outfit choices I turn to Fashism. I've briefly blogged about it before, but I want to revisit it a little. No matter how many of my floor mates told me this dress and cardi matchup looked good, I was still on the fence about it...even till the moment I walked into mass, I was still contemplating a quick change into jeans and a nerdy tee. But, I was already walking next to my friend, so I'd look crazy if I bailed now. I put all thoughts of my daring (for me) outfit out of my head and focused on breathing and not caring if I looked good or not. The butterflies calmed as soon as mass started, and I made it through. Back to my room, I quickly ditched my shoes and stood in front of the mirror. I still don't know about this... oh yeah, that iPhone app. Fashism to the rescue. Looks like my outfit was fine after all :)

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