Monday, July 25, 2011

The Aspirin Facial- What it is and why I love it!

Why the <3 ? Because its cheap, easy, and effective!

I came across this beauty trick while perusing through beauty articles online. Aspirin is a trusty pain reliever and a must have for headache prone college girls, but it turns out to have even more potential! The main ingredient in aspirin is salicylic acid- you know, that stuff in your acne cleanser- which was originally derived from willow bark. So what? Well, that jar of aspirin in your bathroom can help you avoid and clear up breakouts! It's super cheap, and super easy.

  • Take 2-3 aspirins and crush them into a powder. (this can be done with the back of a spoon, mortar and pestle, etc)

  • In a small bowl add drops of water 1 at a time and mix, until you have a toothpaste consistency. Careful! A little goes a long way! You can always add more aspirin if it gets to liquidy.

Voila! Instant oil fighting face mask. You can apply this to your (clean!) face and let it sit till it's dry and starts to flake off, or you can use it as a scrub and gently massage it over your face. Then just rinse it off with water and follow up with your favorite moisturizer.

 I use it both ways and I absolutely love it. It leaves my face glowing and super smooth. The only con is that it can be very drying to your skin, so if you already have dry skin problems try adding in some lotion, aloe, or herbal oil to make your own signature mix. I usually mix in some aloe and Neutragena Energizing Face Scrub to my crushed aspirin till I get a good consistency.

Works great as a spot treatment for problem zits, it dries them right out!

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