Sunday, January 8, 2012

Decorate Your Headphones DIY

 pic via etsy

Sweeeeeet Headphones, Bro

What you need:
embroidery thread

All you are doing is basically making a knot over and over to cover the cable. If you've ever made friendship bracelets with thread like this before, then you'll pick this up quick.

I can't explain it better than Melissa, so check the tutorial out here:
Her blog is awesome, so follow her!!!

+ I'm working on doing this to my IPhone cable too!

Another cool idea is to bead your heaphones. How, you ask? One of my friends used what I can only describe as "holed plastic cylinder beads" (thanks ehow), cut a slit down the side of each bead and popped them onto the headphone cable. Easy, time consuming, totally awesome. Check out my friend's  how-to here:

color beads image by jonnysek from


  1. I think they're called Perler beads, yo! :)

  2. I'm love Oklahoma!!!!!! :D