Sunday, January 8, 2012

Glitter Pill Box DIY

I pop ibuprofen like it's nobodys business. Frequent headaches and stress results in me always having a bottle in my backpack. The downside to this is the inevitable sound of a hundred pills shaking in their container everytime I move. This makes me feel (and sound) like a drug dealer/ advil addict. Sooo, here's my fix! :) Enter "pill box". Apparently people actually use these, though I'd never heard of them before. I made my own out of an Altoids Smalls tin.

Mod Podge
Plain paper
Small container (pill box)
Sray adhesive (optional)

First, I took my paper and folded it in half to create a crease. This acts as my glitter catcher so that I dont waste any!

Next, use your Mod Podge or Spray Adhesive to cover a section of your pill box. Shake on glitter, over your glitter catcher. Let dry, then repeat as you'd like. (I did at least two coats of glue and glitter for my box.) Top it all off with a final layer of Mod Podge so that you wont have glitter brushing off later. Mod Podge can be decieving in that it may dry "tacky", but give it a few days and it usually hardens/drys completely. If you still have a problem with tackiness, Mod Podge sells a "Clear Acrylic Sealer" that you can spray over Mod Podge to eliminate this.

Don't forget to clean your brush, or Mod Podge will ruin it. :)

Have fun and glitter on!!

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